Overview of Duties of Office Bearers of State Chapters

Joint Secretary

  1. To become familiar with the functions and manner of functioning of the Secretary

  2. To assist in organizing quarterly meetings of the regional chapter

  3. To identify cities within the region who will benefit from and are willing to organize a local CME

  4. Encourage membership


  1. Responsibility of all record keeping including notices for meetings, notices for elections, minutes of meetings, emails and communications to the central office

  2. Responsibility of all record keeping of correspondence with various government agencies including state medical council, PCPNDT, ministry of health etc

  3. Maintain a record of all correspondence with trade partners

  4. Organise 3 quarterly meetings in a year

  5. Organise a Regional Apex CME every two years

  6. Encourage membership

  7. Ensure constant dialogues between state office bearers

  8. Infuse new ideas into the organization

  9. Ensure, encourage and enhance Media relations

  10. To send regular monthly/event/quarterly and annual reports of academic activities and fraternity gatherings to the central office

  11. Encourage membership

  12. Chapters with more than 50 members can bifurcate the responsibilities under two heads: Secretary Academic Activities and Secretary Administration & Logistics


  1. To oversee all money transactions

  2. To maintain records of accounts

  3. To liase with the central office, regional office bearers and trade partners for all cash, cheque and bank transactions

  4. To work closely with the chapter accountant / team

Vice President

  1. Encourage and organize combined academic activities of SFM with other academic societies including IMA, IFUMB, IRIA, FOGSI etc

  2. Membership Drive

  3. Ensure New & Young Talent in all academic activities


  1. Oversee and ensure responsibility and accountability of all office bearers

  2. Ensure that academic activities are carried out on a regular basis

  3. Ensure the election process

  4. Be responsible for all communications with the central office

  5. Membership drive

  6. Media relations including print and electronic media

  7. Encourage members to publish their research and presentations in the Journal of Fetal Medicine